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Cover made by Simone Sanna

MOṂ is an archetype-jewelry that contains elements of ancient philosophical disciplines rich in meaning that help protect, strengthen and facilitate the individual path in life.
It is inspired by the shape of the typical Sardinian button and evolves and is personalized, through the mastery of the designer and goldsmith, into an original and unique jewelry.
The philosophy of MOṂ is of syncretic art, that is, the conciliation of heterogeneous cultural elements belonging to distinct cultures and doctrines.
As a matter of fact MOṂ is a concentration of very strong conceptual archetype-symbols, containing besides the four elements, air, earth, fire and water.
The Mother Goddess is the main archetype of the Jewelry MOṂ.

Download the ebook for more information about the project

Explanation of MOM Gioiello Madre symbology

Download the ebook

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