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The artistic uniqueness recognized in the MOM brand is to apply numerology to jewelry and clothes. This ancient science is made of art, mathematics and philosophy and try to decipher and interpret the laws that link the world with the life of every single human being, interpreting every event lived and attributing a specific value, evolutionary, spiritual and causal. The knower and the discoverer of the hidden depths in mind is Carl Gustav Jung, who proposes numerology in the modern age.

He believed the number a divine entity, sacred, which he called archetypal deities shewn conscious. For him, the collective unconscious is an energy field consisting of archetypes linked. The knowledge of their symbols is the key that allows access to the collective unconscious where the image derived from ancestral experiences has set down the ages.

The archetype has model function, for example: the first form of something. The new jewel MOM is called Sardinia. It recalls the ancient “pintadera” which some historians believe it could be an object for measuring time, for others an instrument to mark the bread. The elaborate symbolism in jewelry design, through geometric figures expressed in numbers archetypes, centered especially on the strength of the will of man, but also the need to create a communication bridge between the material and the spiritual world, and also wants to be a symbol of communication between the Orient and the West.

Through the technique of granulation gold (a technique used for the construction of MOM Sardinia), it would seem that ancient India was the first culture to have conceived the atomism and this has spread to the West and link the theory of archetypes, related to twenty-two nuclei essential cognitive, able to structure and define thinking and to establish the universal symbolic expression that goes directly into the unconscious of the human being.

The subliminal message of the jewel so is as an act of will for self-definition that communicates with its divine part, creating balance and awareness, and as a result is manifested in the union of the peoples. Symbol of beauty, strength, peace, wisdom, mediation.
A catalyst of positive energy.


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