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The archetypes are:
A. Creative principle containing the feminine and the masculine, strong energy applicable in every field, be it spiritual, physical, affective, working or sentimental.
B. Receptive symbol, introspection, the search for profundity in all fields, reception of the principle, fecundity.
C. Completed manifestation of fecundity, creativity, charm, abundance, grace, merriment, completeness and irradiating feminine maturity, highest expression of radiant femininity.
D. Concreteness, command, self-control, power, earth, richness, authority, confidence.
E. Moral power, spirituality, discipline, rule, composure, organization, control, sound, light, religion.
F. Triumph, balance, meditation, advancement, spirit dominating matter, progress, work, travel, ascendance, control of physical and mental body, agreement, contact.
G. Justice, exactness, rigor, right, norm, rectitude, perfection, balance, impartiality, impassability, strictness, reason, rationality, virtue, logic, order, method, wisdom, ability to adopt new rules.
H. Cyclical time, cause-effect, mobility, evolution, perpetual motion, eternity, beneficial advantage, regeneration, luck sought and gained with dedication, opportunities taken.
I. Change, transformation, end of a cycle and beginning of a new one, metamorphosis, healing, renewal, vision of reality.
J. Bond, choice, feelings, love, passion, desire, involvement, union, art, falling in love, appeal, embracing, heart, free will.

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