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Kundaline Collection

Kundaline is a jewel that contains the archetypes of love (ancient symbols, the first examples of something, the first form of something). And ‘the symbol of the western concept of couple (in the East ying and yang). The archetypes act as fixers of a desire and an intention with the heart of the wearer and will help to strengthen it. Besides the red rose as a symbol of passion and love, is the flower of myrtle symbolizes pure love since ancient times. Kundaline is an unisex jewel, men and women who come together and vibrate as one in the universe where reigns the perfect balance of energy forces that will gravitate. Simple gift, sober, in impact for the new era of rebirth.

We will be happy to provide estimates for a personalized realization of all lines in silver, gold and precious stones upon request.

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Kundaline 2
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Becoming famous is the result of many components: natural talent, courage, creativity, self-esteem, pleasure of life ……
It ‘nice that these human beings recognize the value and beauty of our jewelry, perhaps because we have to get them to put the same components …

Roberto Lucifero is an Italian anthropologist specialized in the valorization of local identity heritage. In-depth studies on traditional artistic techniques in the process of disappearing. He created the “Accademia del Superfluo” school of applied arts in 1987. In 2003 he founded “Cappella Orsini Lab”, an incubator of ideas that aims to combine tradition and innovation through interdisciplinary cultural projects between music, literature, poetry, theatre, painting, sculpture and any other expression that combines technique, experience and inventiveness.
Over the years he has edited twenty publications in the editorial field.

Here is what he wrote about love in the preface of the “De Rebus Amoris” catalogue, an ongoing exhibition in the Orsini Chapel from 23 October 2023, lasting one year.

Love is the gateway to the fourth dimension.
It can have various levels of intensity, it can take on different qualities, it can be an opportunity to explore our senses by intertwining the different modalities:
touch, smell, sight and hearing and even taste.

Eroticism can always be present or never, it can be directed towards oneself, another person, groups of people or even towards you, since nothing excludes the other, their simultaneity can lead us to live an experience that goes beyond time.
The important thing is to be willing to do it.
Roberto Lucifero


Kundaline is protected

Kundaline il Gioiello dell’Amore
is registered at C.C.I.A.A. of Sassari on 12-04-2013
number ss2012c000045

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