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A warm greeting to all. “MOM LA NASCITA” is one of my creations, and it’s about the extraordinary life of Jesus Christ through ancient symbols, inspired by numerology. The arrangement of the mother of pearl expresses a set of numbers with specific meanings, explained in a writing that is part of the work. I have always loved the figure of Jesus Christ, the great enlightened man who split history in two and with him started from year zero. If he were present at this time, I imagine he would communicate messages to some representative figures of the world.

To those who embody the earthly, governmental, economic and media power, who create laws, who direct and determine the destiny of peoples in a path of justice, brotherhood, well-being and prosperity for all, which create relationships that guarantee universal peace and civil rights for all peoples and races, never excluding anyone. May the wisdom of the arduous task be with you!
To the universal mother Mother of all humanity, who nourishes, educates, cares for the formation of consciences, guarantees
good education, ethics and morality of man. She consoles and protects the underprivileged, caresses the spirit of each, radiates sweetness and firmness, cheers and encourages those who suffer and bestows love, hope and trust.

To the young woman who embodies purity, beauty, harmony, art, music, all that is pristine, innocent, she who permeates and spreads unconditional love and projects herself with vigor and confidence towards the future. So be it!

To the man who studies to improve scientific progress and to heal the physical ills of the human being and the animal kingdom, respecting their intrinsic spirit, thanks to the means given by Nature.

To the angelic figures celebrating the human virtues accessible to all, in Gold-colored robes, symbol of incorruptibility, divinity, completeness and holiness;
In Blue, the color of spirituality, which promotes calm, depth and transcendence that stretch towards the infinite, the unknown;
White, purity, ethereal image, light, immensity;
Green, life, luxuriance, hope, regeneration;
The Red, love, passion.

To you men and women, love and forgive yourselves as your neighbour; by loving your children and fortifying them with your example, you will have a serene future. You Love, respect, listen to the elderly giving them the joy of feeling alive.

May You Console the sick, giving them infinite sweetness and caresses for their souls.

To you, brother, who feel alone, never feel lost, you will always feel reborn, win the faith, never lose hope. I have infused in you my essence, that it may arise every day as the dawn and may it sprout as a seed of love everywhere in the world.

Narration by Elvira Angela Pattitoni
Translation by Giorgio Manunza

The lasting joy is eclipsed.
It trembles in the dark, it shakes the vanity of the whole.
And the universe smiles for an infinite instant

Poetry written by Tino Scugugia for Elvira Angela Pattitoni Art

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