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MOM the Mother Jewel plate

A work inspired by numerology, it’s dedicated to Mother Goddess, the female Deity of the pre Nuragic age. Created and made by Elvira Angela Pattitoni

MOM Sculpture

The sculpture is accompanied by a leaflet and a descriptive booklet

Measures and materials used: Height 2.10 meters; weight 230 kg; granite monolith as base, hand-bushhammered with decorative motif relating to numerology, etched brass label, iron metal structure with double-sided central plate of 50 cm in diameter, with mother of pearl, central ebony with silver bezel and zircon , covered with two-component resin, depicting MOM the Mother Jewel.

MOM Sculpture il Gioiello Madre and the caduceus

Sculpture made with a handmade iron metal structure, in the central plate there are mother of pearl, wood, central zircon with silver bezel. Double-sided, with the symbol of the MOM brand.

The symbol of the Caduceus above, the artist considers MOM the Mother Jewel as the Caduceus of the era in which we live.

MOM Sculpture il Gioiello Madre the birth

The arrangement of the nacre expresses a set of numbers with specific meanings, explained in a writing that is part of the work.

Mom Future

Mom Future

This work is made of iron on which the artist Elvira Angela Pattitoni has created a composition using enamels, lace, mother of pearls and two-component resin. The harmonious disposition of the mother of pearls introduces ancient symbols about ancient archetypes, early forms of something. One of the side where 24 green mother of pearls are placed, we obtain by mean of the cabalistic sum 24= 2+4= 6. Number six represents universal, unconditional love. By the thirteen red mother of pearls placed on the other side of the work, the artist intends to represent the spiritual rebirth of humanity.

Sculpture dedicated to the Mother Goddess

Sculpture dedicated to the main archetypal Mother Goddess of MOM the Mother Jewel.
In Fordongianus trachyte

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